Technical Supervision of Construction Works


Technical supervision of construction works

Technical supervision of construction works includes construction supervision activities, which are organized by contractor (client) and covers construction works from earthworks to building completion certificate. Technical supervision of construction works ensures that the works are carried out according to the building project, as well as contract and legislation. It also ensures implementation of standards, established by the technical documentation of project and normative documents of building safety and purpose.

UAB “Agentus” offers the following services of construction technical supervision:

  1. Control and supervise that the construction works are carried out according to the building project;
  2. Quality control of construction materials and devices;
  3. Quality and scale control of construction works; Information for client about construction works that do not meet normative quality standards;
  4. Inspection for latent construction defects; presence upon inspection of building services, engineer systems, devices and construction by the construction regulating authorities;
  5. Preparation of documents for building completion certificate and presence upon inspection by the certificate issuing authorities;
  6. Technical supervision of general construction works, coordinated technical supervision of special works and activities of supervision managers.


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