Special Works



Professionals of UAB “Agentus” provide the following plumbing services:

  • Installation of water supply and sewerage systems;
  • Installation and automation of hot water supply systems, boilers and boiler rooms;
  • Installation of water boreholes;
  • Replacement of boilers;
  • Hydrostatic testing of heating systems;
  • Installation and reconstruction of water supply and sewerage systems;
  • Installation of plumbing equipment, bath equipment and domestic appliances;
  • Welding works.


Electrical wiring

Our team of electricians can install electrical wiring for a weak current. We install electric power transmission devices of voltage up to 10 kV, including outside and inside transmission and lighting wiring.

Installation of heating and cooling systems 

We can install heating and cooling systems in any type of object: industrial, commercial and residential.

Installation of heating system

We can install heating system in industrial and commercial objects, including automation of heating system and installation of underfloor heating.

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